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First Solaris/Škoda for completion in Czech Republic

The first of 15 ordered ŠKODA ELECTRIC/SOLARIS Bus & Coach 26Tr will be finished within short time. It will be tested in Plzen and then delivered to the customer in Lublin, Poland. Until June 2011 all 15 new trolleybuses are expected to be in operation in Lublin.

The public transport operator MPK Lublin had an option for additional 15 trolleybuses of the same type, which has recently been accepted after MPK received statements for financial support for the second half of 2011. Production and delivery of these trolleybuses will directly follow the first 15 units. Five vehicles each are planned to be delivered in July, in August and in September 2011.

Old high floor trolleybuses produced in Poland will be removed in Lublin after the delivery of the new trolleybuses. The existing fleet of approximately 30 trolleybuses of the type Jelcz PR 110 dates back to the year 1990; it partly consists of converted diesel buses, and trolleybuses from Debica, Stupsk and Warsaw, where trolleybus operation has been terminated.

Currently only six modern low floor trolleybuses are in use in Lublin. End of this year, and due to the order of 15 units and the option for 15 additional ones, more than 50% of the fleet should be on this level. Four of the six modern trolleybuses are Solaris Trollino T12 with Medcom- und Cegelec-equipment from 2007/2008. Another one is a MAZ 203T, which is put into operation in 2010. In the same period in 2007/2008 seven old trolleybuses were removed (3754, 3757, 3759, 3763, 3770, 3779, 3787) and in 2010 two more (3748, 3769). Hence, less than 60 trolleybuses are in operation in Lublin at this time.

Source: Trolleymotion

Photo: The first trolleybus in the workshop for completion at Škoda Electric in Plzen, taken by Ing. Dagmar Braunová (www.busportal.cz)