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Training materials for safe eco-driving of trolleybuses available now - test partners wanted

As part of the project outputs the ACTUATE partners are developing training materials for safe eco-driving of clean vehicles.

These training materials enable other public transport operators to train their own drivers in a tried and tested manner and are available for download as of today.

After receiving positive feedback from drivers during pilot trainings for trolleybuses (Salzburg, AT) and hybrid buses (Leipizig, DE) and attaining promising results regarding energy optimisation of these clean vehicles*, ACTUATE is now looking for partners to test the developed training concepts.

Thus, if you would like to test and implement the safe eco-driving training concepts for your own drivers, don't hesitate to contact ACTUATE's project coordinator (w.backhaus[at]rupprecht-consult.eu) and find out more about the possibility to test the trainings and about the availability of training materials.

Training materials are available for trolleybuses and hybrid buses in German already and more materials are currently being developed for trams and ebuses/trolleybuses equipped with supercapacitors. All concepts successively will be made available for download in several languages on the ACTUATE homepage.

Please click here to access all available training materials or to check on different language versions of the training.

 *As a result of the ACTUATE trainings energy consumption was reduced on average by 10% for trolleybuses and 5% for hybrid buses.