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If you have any questions concerning this website or wish to know more about TROLLEY, please feel free to contact the lead partner Ms Alexandra Weiß or the external project manager Mr. Wolfgang Backhaus:

Lead Partner

Alexandra Weiß
Salzburg AG for Energy, Transportation and Telecommunication, Austria
Tel.: 0043 662 8884 61 63
Email: alexandra.weiss[AT]salzburg-ag.at

Project Manager

Wolfgang Backhaus
Rupprecht Consult GmbH, Germany
Tel.: 0049 221 60 60 55 19
Email: w.backhaus[AT]rupprecht-consult.eu

Do you also have trolleybus expertise?
In line with the establishment of a “Central European Trolleybus Knowledge Centre” you are welcome to bring in your trolleybus expertise. Contact us and join the TROLLEY pool of experts!



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