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Associated Institutions

In addition to the nine TROLLEY partners, the project is supported by a range of associated institutions having only an observing role in the project without financial contribution. These bodies are not part of the partnership per se.

The following international associated institutions have already signed a TROLLEY letter of intent to support the TROLLEY project, the project's objectives and activities:


POLIS City Network, Brussels, Belgium www.polis-online.org

NARDA, National Association of Regional Development Agencies, Ukraine  www.narda.org.ua


City of Eberswalde, Germany www.eberswalde.de

City of Lviv, Ukraine www.lviv.ua

Public Transport Operators

DPMB, Public Transport Operator of the City of Brno, Czech Republic www.dpmb.cz

Political authorities

State of Brandenburg, Ministry for Infrastructure and Agriculture, Germany www.mil.brandenburg.de

State of Brandenburg, Ministry for Environment, Health and Consumer Protection, Germany www.mugv.brandenburg.de

LvCSTEI - Ministry for Education and Sciences of Ukraine, Lviv, Ukraine www.cstei.lviv.ua


Amigo media, Eberswalde,Germany www.amigomedia.tv

Cegelec a.s., Praha, Czech Republic www.cegelec.com

ELBAS Schweiz AG, Zürich, Switzerland www.elabs.ch

Elektroline a.s., Praha, Czech Republic www.eletroline.cz

FEB Fahrleitungs- und Elektrobau GmbH, Wolkersdorf, Austria


Kummler + Matter, Zürich, Switzerland www.kuma.ch

Rosseta Technik GmbH, Roßlau, Germany www.rosseta.de

Solaris, Bolechowo, Poland www.solarisbus.pl

Vossloh Electrical Systems, Düsseldorf, Germany www.vossloh-kiepe.com

If you wish to join this TROLLEY group of associated institutions, please contact the project manager.