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Main activities in Trolley
Increasing Efficiency

Szeged plans to move its interurban bus hub from the city centre to a new location. In order to give a better public transport connection, it is planned to extend an existing trolleybus route to this point, producing the implementation plan for this future investment.

Furthermore, a speed restriction area in the city centre at Széchenyi tér will be eliminated, which is a major junction of three trolleybus routes together with tram routes.

The implementation plans for the reconstruction of the overhead wires with highspeed elements will be produced, and the reconstruction of this junction executed.

One trolleybus stop in this area will also be reconstructed to demonstrate – as a pilot action – the barrier-free access for trolleybuses.

For further information contact:
Dr. Zoltan Adam Nemeth
SZKT - Szeged
+36 62 485 495

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>> Main Activities in Trolley - Increasing Efficiency