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Trolleybus in Szeged

Szeged Transport Company (SZKT) leads back its predecessors to 1884, to the opening of the first horse-tramway service in the city, which was followed by the electric tram in 1908. The local bus service was formed in 1955, however in 1963 on Ministerial order it was handed over to the state owned regional bus company Tisza Volán, all electric transport remained by Szeged Transport Company. Ever since there are two transport companies in Szeged, with round 50-50 % share in passenger numbers.

The first trolleybus was introduced in 1979, and the route structure reached its today shape in 1985, serving mostly the new housing estate areas in the north-east part of the city.

In the last decade the car traffic increased significantly, together with the passenger loss of the worn down public transport.

SZKT started reorganization in 2003, with concentrating its resources on the renewal of its old trolleybus and tram fleet, partly from self-labour in its existing garages.

A 100 million Euro worth of investment started in 2008, including the extension of the trolleybus network and fleet, as well as reconstruction of the depots and the power supply. The new, more attractive public transport with higher modal share of the electric transport will hopefully change the trend of the passenger loss, which most signifi cantly occurs on the bus routes.


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