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Main activities in Trolley

Optimising Energy Use

Gdynia, based on its wide experience, will develop the economically best diesel-to-trolleybus conversion techniques. The cost of such converted trolleybus is only 25% of the cost of a new trolleybus. On the basis of an analysis of the rolling stock in Gdynia and a subsequent comparative study on technical and operational readiness and energy saving potentials of other CE fl eets a handbook on bus conversion will be elaborated.

These project outputs will result in increased competitive conditions of trolleybus systems for other trolleybus operators, in particular in Central Europe and will be the know how for those who are thinking of introducing trolleybuses.

Reshaping Image

Constant efforts need to be continued in order to highlight the advantages of trolleybuses even in trolleybus cities. Trolleybuses often have a bad reputation of being slower and less reliable than buses. To fight against this wrong image that applies for mostly throughout Central Europe is a main task of Gdynia within the Trolley project.

Local promotion and information campaigns will be run and a tool kit will be developed which demonstrates soft, low-budget measures for the effective promotion of trolleybuses in cities.

For further information contact:
Alicja Pawłowska
Transport Engineering Offi ce,
Gdynia City Hall
+48 58 668 23 30

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