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Trolleybuses in Leipzig?

The LVB is faced with the decision for procurement of 50 articulated buses for the services in the years 2010 to 2014. With these new acquisitions, the basic principles of propulsion technology for the coming years are being manifested. To reduce the environmental impact through lower emissions in the fleet, electrical power is a conceivable answer within the general trend towards electromobility.

The LVB has around 320 km of railway overhead power supply system for the tram with cables and rectifier substations (GUW).

Since different city bus routes are crossing the network, a link to a network of electric city buses is conceivable and possible.

Investments in infrastructure can be minimized in this way. Recovery effects can mutually be used in a more effective way. For the servicing, maintenance and operation of infrastructure, no new capacity needs to be created, as this is already available in sufficient technical qualifications within LVB. Years ago, Leipzig was already a trolleybus city and through the Trolley project it is again on the way to become a city using electric city buses soon again.


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>> Trolleybuses in Leipzig?

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