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Main activities in Trolley
Optimising Energy use

TEP is going to purchase 9 new trolleybuses to be equipped with supercapacitors within the Trolley project. The kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) of supercapacitors installed and tested on a small fleet of trolleybuses will optimize the energy use by 25%.

The proposed investment is a real technology highlight in on-board storage and recovery of energy. The planned supercapacitors (“supercaps”) in Parma are enhanced versions that are able to store a reasonable amount of energy. In addition, they are able to recover energy while the vehicle is braking and release it again when it is accelerating.

Recharging takes only three to five minutes and is therefore suitable for urban traffic situations in Central Europe. Another highlight of this technology is their lifetime: about one million charge-discharge cycles, since they are functioning on no chemical but on a physical process.

This pilot investment makes use of braking energy that often remains unused and the test results will influence the Central European trolleybus market being the basis for other decision-makers whether to take-up these devices in their fleet.

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