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Main activities in Trolley

Optimising Energy use

Already using supercapacitors onboard, the company wants to take a step further by installing an energy-storage device in a substation. Braking energy for example will be stored and released for other processes such as acceleration or heating. In contrast to supercapacitors, the stored energy in the substation is not bound to a specific vehicle and could release energy to all the vehicles at the same time.

Increasing Efficiency

With the aid of an analysis, the company will elaborate a matrix by scanning important data, local structures and important factors.

The matrix will clarify the economic efficiency of a trolley bus system and make a clear statement about the change from diesel buses to trolleybuses.

Companies being interested in installing trolleybus technology will be able to use this tool as basis of decision-making.

Reshaping Image

Trolleybuses have to struggle with a few prejudices like “obsolete, non-efficient, inflexible” among opinion leaders, politicians and passengers in Europe.

In order to eliminate these prejudices and to refresh the image of trolley buses, Barnim Bus GmbH will coordinate a joint promotion movie of the TROLLEY partners, which will show the balancing act of this traditional, well-established public transport system from the past incorporating combining breaking innovations in the future.


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Barnim Bus GmbH
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