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Trolleybus in Eberswalde

Being Germany’s oldest trolley bus operator, the company draws on tradition and longterm expertise. Since 1940 the trolleybus is deeply ingrained and enjoys popularity and acceptance among passengers.

Since its start-up, the company has always been confronted with the linear and uncharacteristic structure of the city. Nonetheless Barnim Bus GmbH took up the challenge over the past decades and remained as the oldest trolley bus operators in Germany.

Barnim Bus GmbH always put emphasis on the combination of this traditional public transport system and modern, new technologies.

The vehicle fleet of 1993/94 already was one of Germanys first low-floor trolleybus fleet. The new vehicle fleet of 2010 consists of electric hybrid buses, equipped with onboard-supercapacitors. Electric energy required for acceleration or heating can be drawn out of the catenary or the onboardsupercapacitors.


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