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Main activities in Trolley

Increasing Efficiency

Within the framework of the Trolley project Brno is leader of the work package “Increasing Public Transport Efficiency” and brings in special expertise in collective transport and intermodal integration. Brno – a city with a combined tram and trolleybus network – will hold on this quality and mainly focus on extending this extensive network by improving the situation for intermodality.

The preparation of the extension of a trolleybus line to the Integrated Transport System (IDS) station “Stary Liskovec” is one building block of this understanding.

Further elements of Brno’s strategy of increasing the efficiency of the electric public transport will be deep analyses of the existing transport service and situation in selected urban districts, combined with studies on the feasibility of extensions of trolleybus lines to these affected districts.


For further information contact:

Miluse Pokorna
Project Manager
Brno City Municipality
+420 5 4217 4079

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>> Main Activities in Trolley - Increasing Efficiency