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Public Transport

The city’s public transport is based on 13 tram routes (streetcar), 13 trolleybus lines and several day buses and night bus lines. The service is mainly provided by Dopravní Podnik Města Brna (Brno Public Transport Company, associated institution of the Trolley project). The local public transport is completed by several local trains.

Brno is proud of a bulk power substation and a modern trolleybus depot in the Komin city district. It is a top-class base for trolleybus transport and that includes a service centre for repair and maintenance of trolleybuses. It includes roofed proving ground, spaces for cleaning and trolleybus-ports. All this in an architecturally very impressive structure.

Brno is eager to increase the travel culture together with education of passengers and crews and find ways how to prevent vandals from damaging trolleybuses. The city is aiming to reach the highest level of service quality, to optimize conveying capacity and at the same time to adjust infrastructure.


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