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Main activities in Trolley

Salzburg AG is the lead partner of the Trolley project. In this role, it takes over the responsibility for project management, communication, dissemination and the Trolley project as a whole. Salzburg AG also focuses on two major topics within the Trolley project:

Increasing Efficiency

As a vivid example, transport feasibility studies and technical planning on network expansion in the agglomeration will be made.

Well known, traditional methods of energy supply and overhead-wire systems will be scrutinised, new solutions will be discussed.

Reshaping Image

Not all European political and economical decision-makers are aware of the system’s advantages: A clean transport system without emissions or particulate matter, less noise, a cost-effective solution and a system, which is attractive to customers.

To be able to spread these positive aspects, Salzburg AG and her partners will start a „Trolleybus Image Campaign“, including the implementation of a „European Trolleybus Day“, a „Trolleybus Knowledge Centre“, a „Trolleybus Library“ and a „Trolleybus Pool of Experts“ to provide detailed information and continuing advanced training for technicians.

For further information contact:

Alexandra Weiß
Salzburg AG
+43 662 8884 6163

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