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Trolleybuses in Salzburg

Since 1940, trolleybuses have been used for public transport in Salzburg. The system started with a single line and 4.8 km of trolley wires. Meanwhile, the trolleybus network has grown to a full length of 100 km. Almost 40 million passengers are transported annually by a modern fleet of 97 trolleybuses. Without the trolleybus system, CO2-emissions would increase annually by some 60,000 tons and cause an additional macro-economic damage of approximately 14 million Euro per year.

3 suburban train lines and a couple of conventional diesel bus routes complete a very dense integrated public transport network.

Nearly all parts of Salzburg’s historical city centre have been converted into pedestrian areas, which invite people to discover the city by foot. In addition to that, Salzburg offers one of the best cycling path networks in Austria.

Salzburg also plays an important role in spreading operative and political initiatives to promote the ecologically friendly trolleybus. In recent years, public authorities and Salzburg AG made huge investments in maintenance, expansion and development of the trolleybus system. Trolleybus producers use the Salzburg-AG-network for test purposes and many international delegations visit Salzburg every year to experience the advantages of a modern trolleybus system.

Future challenges will be the building of new additional trolleybus routes in and around Salzburg as well as the development of trolleybuses to a „Tram Light“.


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