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Latest generation trolleybus

Salzburg sets a milestone in design and comfort with the modernisation of the trolleybus

On 22 May 2012 the first new generation trolleybus was presented to the public in Salzburg. “Overall, the fleet will be expanded with ten trolleybuses of the latest generation until the end of the year. With these vehicles, the fleet will become more comfortable, in particular for mobility impaired passengers. Partly enlarged seat spacing or LED lighting were implemented and air conditioning as well as the spacious stern platform mean improvement for all our passengers,“ says member of the Executive Board of Salzburg AG Dr. Leonhard Schitter.

„The new vehicle is most of all characterised by its special design. It has been created in ‘Metro-Style‘, i.e. it has the look of a tram. This impression further emphasises the total ’trolleybus’ system. It becomes clear how ecological and economically attractive this transport mode is. Salzburg is the first city in Europe to make use of this model“, emphasises Gunter Mackinger, Head of Salzburger Lokalbahnen (Salzburg local railway).

At the same time, the public appearance of the transport service was adjusted after more than ten years. In the course of the brand process Salzburg AG as largest mobility provider in Salzburg decided to hand the trolleybus back to the citizens of Salzburg - in the truest sense of the word. This way, Salzburg‘s trolleybuses will also be used as brand in the future.