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Gdynia: New low floor trolleybuses in operation

The first ten new trolleybuses of the type Solaris Trollino 12/Medcom were introduced on October 24th, 2010 with a ceremony in the city of Gdynia. The next five new trolleybuses were delivered and put into operation a month later. The trolleybuses 3034, 3035, 3067, 3068 and 3069 substantially increase the number of comfortable low floor trolleybuses in the city. In total, 25 new trolleybuses were ordered at the beginning of 2010; financed by the EU. The last ten vehicles are expected to be delivered until September 2011.

Three diesel buses (type Mercedes-Benz O 530 Citaro) are planned to be converted to trolleybuses. This procedure has been realised successfully 28 times in the last years with CNG and diesel buses of the type O405 N from manufacturer Mercedes-Benz. In the end, the entire trolleybus fleet in Gdynia will be low floor.

The ambitious plan is to set free also the last high floor buses Jelcz 110 (1987 - 1991) and Jelcz 120 (1994 - 1999). 24 of these buses are to be sold. Most of them were set free on 20th November 2010, the last seven (3373 - 3380) shall follow until end of October 2011.

Source: Trolleymotion

Picture: Two new Solaris Trollino 12 at turning point Dąbrowa TESCO on 21.11.2010, taken by Paweł Misiak (http://www.phototrans.eu)