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United pro Trolleybus

All three German trolleybus operators - Eberswalde, Esslingen and Solingen - signed the TROLLEY Declaration for Electric Trolleybus Mobility in Esslingen. On Friday, 22 June, representatives of government and the transport industry gathered in Esslingen to discuss new developments and opportunities of the trolleybus system. Nestled in the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of electric transport in Esslingen, all three German trolleybus operators joined forces and demonstrated their patronage for their trolleybus systems. Together they will continue to lobby for the trolleybus as a forward-looking and environmentally-friendly means of public transport. Gunter Mackinger, director of the TROLLEY lead partner Salzburg AG, chaired the ceremonial act.

In the picture you can see (from left to right): Dr. Jürgen Zieger (Mayor of City of Esslingen), Gunter Mackinger (Director, Salzburg AG ), Frank Wruck (Director, Barnimer Busgesellschaft mbH), Mickaél Pandion (Director, Städtischer Verkehrsbetrieb Esslingen) & Conrad Troullier (Stadtwerke Solingen GmbH - Verkehrsbetrieb).