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TROLLEY Marketing Symposium in Lviv (UA), 29-30 June 2011

Social networks, web 2.0 applications, free WiFi on board and the new “ebus” image campaign are smart ways to market trolleybuses around the globe, concluded the participants of the TROLLEY Marketing Symposium in Lviv, Ukraine, on 29 and 30 June 2011. The two-day event was an integral part of the TROLLEY project’s European trolleybus awareness campaign “ebus – the smart way!” (which was presented in Lviv for the first time to the public) and centred its attention on innovative marketing strategies and promotion activities for trolleybuses.

One highlight of the event was the awarding of the 1st TROLLEY Marketing Award to reward the best trolleybus promotion activity. The award went to the “Electric Tbus Group” from the United Kingdom, represented by Mr Ashley Bruce, rewarding its continuous and remarkable efforts in trolleybus promotion and their integrated and easily transferable trolleybus concept. Mr Bruce accepted the award and was also pleased to hear on that occasion that the city of Leeds (UK) is finally one step closer to introduce the trolleybus, as the relevant ministers agreed to fund the project.

About 60 mobility experts from different European countries (e.g. Italy, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, United Kingdom, and Austria) took part in the symposium and witnessed also the signing of the “TROLLEY declaration” by Mr Volodymyr Karpa, Director of Lvivelectrotrans (transport operator in Lviv) and Mr Mykola Zhuk from the Lviv Polytechnic National University; the TROLLEY declaration is a document which has to date been signed by more than 30 trolleybus supporters and enthusiasts, committing themselves to the idea of clean and electric trolleybus transport.

The participants were welcomed by Mr Andriy Sadovyy, Mayor of the city of Lviv, who announced that the city of Lviv intends to purchase 60 new trolleybuses for the EURO 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, as Lviv believes in electric, environmentally-friendly transport. Numerous presentations on new developments, trends and marketing approaches of trolleybuses in Lviv, Kiew, and around the globe have been discussed. An interactive ideas workshop on innovative trolleybus promotion approaches and a site visit by trolleybus along the newly extended trolleybus route to the “Lviv New Stadium” (working name) for the EURO 2012 provided an additional opportunity to initiate transnational exchange about the future of trolleybuses in Europe and to share hands-on trolleybus experiences.

Agenda of the TROLLEY Marketing Symposium

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