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The Partners

The project builds upon the dedication and the transnational cooperation of nine project partners. While representing six Central Europe Member States, the partnership covers 25 % of all trolleybuses as well as 30 % of all trolleybus lines that are currently operating in the whole Central Europe area! 

TROLLEY constitutes a comprehensive partnership of the following partners:

  • The lead partner Salzburg AG is recognised in Europe as THE leading trolleybus city. By using hydropower, the trolleybus in Salzburg fully represents a zero-emission system.
  • The city of Brno has the second most trolleybus lines in Europe (after Bratislava) and is also a city with an extensive tram system.
  • Eberswalde's Barnim Bus GmbH operates the oldest trolleybus system in Germany (set up in 1901). The use of braking energy has been a firm standard ever since 1983.
  • TEP S.p.A is the trolleybus operator of the Italian city of Parma which has continuously been running since 1953 and is proud to operate (together with Milan and Naples) the trolleybus system with the most lines in Italy.
  • With the public transport operator of the city of Leipzig the project also includes a partner which plans to re-introduce trolleybuses on certain routes in the very near future. Leipzig (following cities such as Rome) will become a model city for many other European cities,
  • The city of Gdynia has the largest trolleybus network in Poland, also connecting the neighbouring city of Sopot. Gdynia is an expert in converting old diesel buses into modern trolleybuses.
  • The Polish University of Gdansk enjoys a Europe-wide reputation as a public transport knowledge hub and innovation incubator.
  • SZKT, the public transport operator of the South-Hungarian city of Szeged, is in charge of the local tram and trolleybus systems. The partner has particular knowledge in combined tram-trolleybus networks and is continuously extending these networks.
  • TrolleyMotion International Action Group is the leading European trolleybus interest group. It constitutes part of a wide trolleybus network and has well established contacts to all relevant trolleybus actors such as cities, industry, operators and networks.