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International Action Group to Promote Modern Trolleybus Systems

TrolleyMotion is the leading European trolleybus interest group, fully committed to the maintenance and expansion of existing as well as the design of new electric city bus systems. Its main aim is to improve the competitiveness of public transport in urban areas by electric bus systems. TrolleyMotion objectively informs decision makers and actively supports them in the complex technical and economic issues of trolleybus systems. It focuses on the interests of system users and the people in the vicinity of the systems, tries to overcome prejudices and provides latest facts as well as profound know-how and support. Its members aim at locating new markets for their products and strengthening the competitive position of the existing market by better targeting the needs of its customers.

TrolleyMotion’s Services

Trolleymotion is able to provide international experts for all technical and operational issues. It offers strategic and technical advice in the decision making processes and supports the evaluation of system selections. Its service comprises the provision of relevant analytical methods and instruments and the procurement of used systems (vehicles and infrastructure).

Main Activities within TROLLEY

In the TROLLEY project, TrolleyMotion is the main dissemination and communication partner. Its wide international networks and contacts to public and private trolleybus institutions offer the best possible access to disseminate the results and outcomes of the project to a wide European and global audience.

The project partner will strongly contribute to the successful dissemination of all relevant TROLLEY outputs (e.g. through the TROLLEY newsletter, the website) and will finally become a patron of the “European Trolleybus Knowledge Centre” to be established by the end of the project. This centre will become the main trolleybus knowledge hub for Central Europe and bring together relevant stakeholders such as industry, municipalities and public transport operators.

Its annual conference provides a fantastic platform for the promotion of TROLLEY and for the establishment of contacts and the exchange of new ideas towards cleaner European cities.