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Szeged Transport Company

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Szeged is with 169.000 inhabitants the fourth largest city in Hungary, located in the south, close to the border to Serbia and Romania. The city is a major administrative centre of the south-east region, as well as Csongrád county. It is situated on the Great Hungarian Plane, alongside the river Tisza.

The city reached its today shape after the devastating flooding of 1879, after which Szeged was reconstructed with new radial and circle boulevard system. Szeged is a national centre of food industry; it is famous for its red pepper and salami production. It is a major educational centre of the region, with important universities and medical facilities.

After World War I., Szeged lost its role as a major railway hub. The road to Romania and Serbia (Budapest – Bucharest and Budapest – Beograd) goes through Szeged. Since Szeged has only two bridges, transit traffic causes major congestions. A new bridge is due to be finished in 2010, thus both transit directions will be diverted out of the city on highways.


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