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TROLLEY Summer University "ebus - the smart way!", 23 to 26 October 2012, Leipzig, Germany

The TROLLEY Summer University “ebus - the smart way!” took place in Leipzig from 23 to 26 October. During the Summer University, young researchers and professionals presented their research results and TROLLEY partners showed their project results. The Summer University offered these young researchers and professionals the possibility of discussing research and project results in the field of electric bus systems in an international environment. The TROLLEY Summer University started with the 3rd International Trolleybus Conference and the TROLLEY Transferability Conference in Leipzig, giving comprehensive input to all participants for further discussions in a more informal atmosphere. Please find all presentations of the Summer University in the following. Furthermore, video recordings of the sessions on energy storage systems and diesel bus to trolleybus conversion can be seen

  • Agenda

  • Sustainable Mobility, Dr. István Tibor Tóth, University of Szeged, Szeged Transport Ltd., Hungary [pdf download]

Thematic session: Optimised Energy Use and Storage Systems

Moderator: Prof. Arnd Stephan, TU Dresden, Germany

  • Energy savings potential of energy storage systems in public transport networks, Sven Klausner, Fraunhofer IVI, Germany [pdf download]
  • On-board storage system – compared evaluations on supercaps, Daniele Balestrazzi, student of Technische Universität München (TUM), Germany [pdf download]
  • Method for the energy demand determination for overhead wire free networks, Dr. Martin Lehnert, TU Dresden, Germany [pdf download]
  • Auxiliary management for efficiency improvement of electrical vehicles, Sascha Giebel, TU Dresden, Germany [pdf download]

The recording of this thematic session can be seen below.


Thematic session: Diesel bus to Trolleybus conversion

Moderator: Prof. Wlodzimierz Rydzkowski, University of Gdansk, PKT Gdynia, Poland

  • Technical principles of diesel bus to trolleybus conversion, Mikołaj Bartłomiejczyk, PKT Gdynia, Poland [pdf download]
  • Economic analysis of diesel bus to trolleybus conversion, Prof. Olgierd Wyszomirski, University of Gdansk, Poland [pdf download]
  • Perception of converted trolleybuses and promotion strategy for trolleybuses in Gdynia, Dr. Marcin Wolek, University of Gdansk, Poland [pdf download]

The recording of this thematic session can be seen below.


Thematic session: Planning of electric bus infrastructure

Moderator: Andreas Randacher, Salzburg AG, Austria

  • Trolleybus Infrastructure - Challenge to electrical planning -, Andreas Randacher, Salzburg AG, Austria [pdf download]
  • Innovative Services for the Infrastructure of Electric Bus Networks, Frederic Deutzer, Deutzer Technische Kohle – Messtechnnik, Zeuthen, Germany


Thematic session: Ebus (battery bus) introduction

Moderator: Wolfgang Schütze, Leipzig Transport Company, Germ

  • Electrification of bus lines with ebuses and fast charging stations – or in case of no overhead wires –, Werner Rohlfs, RWTH Aachen University, Germany [pdf download]
  • On-board energy metering for D. C. fed electrical vehicles, Frank Hartung, TU Dresden, Germany [pdf download]
  • Energy consumption of electrical driven regular buses dependent on route characteristics and operational requirements, Daniel Auer, master student, University of Applied Sciences Landshut, Germany [pdf download]